How to regain serenity at work?

How to regain serenity at work?

When we think about work, stress and deadlines might be among the first things which come to mind. We have to work to survive and to make a living. "What we're looking for our happiness, and in all our searching who do we forget? Ourselves". Such is the claim of the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat when seeing the endless efforts of people striving to accomplish their daily duties and activities at work and at home.

Yet, it is true that people do not know their limit at work and sometimes forget to consider that it is essential to take a moment to relax at work. How to cool off and stay in perfect state at work? Keep reading and find out.

How to regain serenity at work?

Take a break every two hours

To prevent exhaustion and it is crucial to take a short break of 10 minutes every two hours. It helps the mind to relax for a while and the body to regain vitality. Toiling away at your job over too long period of time wears down the energy too soon; thus, you may not be able to perform better any more throughout the day.

Drink enough water

Water gives the necessary energy for daily endeavor. Without adequate water, the mouth will dry out, and this may be resulting in a feeling of weariness and sleepiness. It is important to drink about half a liter of water every day. It might be a good idea to opt for a hot drink after lunch to feel more lively before you get back to work.

However, drinking more than a cup of coffee or tea every day is not healthy. Too much caffeine in the body is not good either.

Snack on fruit or veggie salad

Instead of eating high-calorie food items like pizza, pasta, chocolate or cake, it is healthy to snack on healthy fruit or vegetable salad. It enables you to save more to opt for a healthy snack and it gives more energy to the body. The nutrients in natural food give more vitamins, promoting energy and boosting concentration at work.


To regain serenity at work, it is helpful to take a few minutes to exercise your back, your shoulders or your eyes. If you spend a long time on computer work, you can for example take 5 minutes to stretch your muscles, exercise your eyes to look far and near.

You can also lift your arms, rotate your wrists and ankles on the spot, and exercise your neck by turning left and right. It is helpful to close your eyes when you exercise on the spot to relax.

Meditate for 10 minutes

Remain silent for a while to ensure inner well-being. By meditating for 5 to 10 minutes, you will feel energized and can regain concentration. You should not forget your well-being because you work in order to improve your lifestyle, but not to get sick.

Listen to some music

Listening to music even for 5 minutes if you cannot afford to have a long break every 2 hour helps you to unwind especially when the work is stressful. It is good to listen to your favorite music during your break. It is advisable to avoid hard music, though, because it will tire your conscious mind and may eventually chase away your tranquility.

Read some words of peace

Reading some peaceful words is of a great importance during the break at work. It enhances peace within and mind tranquility is best developed with words of peace. Believers can read a few verses of the holy book and chew on it.

Otherwise, it is also possible to read some wise words or quotes. Prem Rawat's messages of peace, for example, can promote inner well-being to those who are looking to attain tranquility.