How to defeat our inner demons and find inner peace ?

How to defeat our inner demons and find inner peace ?

The fight against inner demons can be defined as the struggles within an individual, which consists of allowing the inner forces to break the law, or preventing them from doing so.

Inner demons are synonymous with sins or wrongful acts. Carnal humans are subjected to wrongful acts either consciously or unconsciously. In contrast, spiritual beings are likely to respect rules and laws, and for them, it is not difficult to be submissive to laws and orders.

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat shares messages of peace, and he teaches that inner peace is within each individual. He also asserts the need of a meditation technique called Knowledge to attain inner peace. Is it necessary to defeat the inner sins to be at peace?

Read our findings and discover the actions to be carried out to transcend into a free, peaceful individual.

How to defeat your inner demons and find inner peace?

Do good deeds

Doing good to the others can defeat inner demons. This may consist of giving donations to an organization which work for humanitarian needs, or by directly giving alms to the poor, or distributing aid to the needy.

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) is for example involved with humanitarian missions and accepts donations to sponsor their activities. This enables the establishment of sustainable peace within the community.

Respect the laws and rules

To defeat inner demons, it is crucial to bear in mind that rules and laws are designed to correct misbehavior and direct people into acceptable behavior. Laws are good and useful because without laws, civilians will not be able to live peacefully in their community.

Refrain from temptations

Temptations induce people to be in breach of peace. Falling into temptations is to consciously commit acts which are already accepted as bad. The only way to prevent oneself from falling into temptation is through regular meditation. Meditate and think about the bad impacts of temptations, and be freed from it.

Spiritual beings can defeat their inner demons

Carnal individuals walk according to the desire of their heart, which is tricky. The heart's desire might lead to lust, covetousness, theft, and other mortal wrongful acts. Walking by flesh, it is impossible to attain a perfect state of inner peace, because the guilt of sin will fill the heart. Thus, the inner demons will always remain.


Regular meditation helps become mindful of one's weaknesses and bad traits. Once an individual is conscious of their imperfection, they are willing to improve their inner qualities to restore peace within and peace with the other people. Such awareness is then to be followed by an act of forgiveness. Prem Rawat, for example, uses Knowledge which is his own meditation technique to attain serenity.

Stick to the words of faith

Daily readings of inspirational peaceful devotions can open the mind and gear the thoughts to the search of inner peace. The bible and other holy books for example, can be read to get some words of faith every day.

However, it does not only consist of reading the words of wisdom. Instead, it is crucial to hearken to the words of peace that is given every day and then ponder or meditate on it. Acting under the will of God leads believers to deliverance and salvation from the merciless enemy which is the inner demons.

Pure heart

Impure heart cannot forgive wrongful acts or sins. It tends to keep reminding the harms caused by unconscious wrongdoers; then, they may nurture the idea of vengeance to that take person, they may even consider causing severe damages to their antagonist. That character cultivates the inner demons more, because such misconduct acts as soul food for them.

In contrast, our heart enables individuals to forgive sins, forget about what harm they have caused. Spiritual beings are no longer slaves of their heart, but they listen to their mind. With a pure heart, it is possible to defeat our worst qualities and attain inner peace.