What is a peaceful warrior?

What is a peaceful warrior?

During a conflict or a war, warriors do their best to defeat their enemies within a short period of time. For this purpose, they equip themselves with all the weapons and arms available to annihilate their antagonists. They demonstrate their force by causing as severe harms as possible. For example, it is often said in the news that the wars in Afghanistan proved disastrous, causing many casualties and damages in infrastructure.

On the other hand, peaceful warriors use a different strategy to win the war over their opponents in order to avoid human and material losses. What is the best strategy to defeat our opponents? What are the characteristics of a peaceful warrior?

What is a peaceful warrior?

A peaceful warrior is righteous

To keep peace among the conflicting individuals or communities or nations, a peaceful warrior does what is right to resolve conflicts. This means, they avoid being impartial and taking sides when settling the conflict. Peace negotiations are made in such a way as to ensure lasting peace between the two opposing sides.

A peaceful warrior teaches the culture of peace

Among the conflict prevention measures, a peaceful warrior opts for the spreading of the gospel of peace and the realm of peace in the world. This is done by empowering people with the means to nurture the culture of peace, which is through regular exposure to the peace culture. For example, the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, spreads the messages of peace to promote inner well-being and global harmony.

A peaceful warrior is optimistic

Hope is a key to victory; because from the principles of the law of attraction, positivity attracts good energy and success. Unless the warrior is optimistic in peaceful conflict resolutions, it won't be effective. This implies that they are perseverant in their peacekeeping effort, without letting the power of their enemy to discourage them.

A peaceful warrior is a spiritual being

A carnal being resorts to violence and revenge when it comes to conflict resolutions. However, peaceful warriors use the acts of spirituality to defeat their aggressors. They remain faithful to the invisible weapons they are equipped with.

A peaceful warrior is emotionally intelligent

A peaceful warrior knows how to manage their emotions and keep calm in all situations and avoid wars. They are ruled by self-regulation and good social skills. Besides, they are able to make sound decisions which are based on the common good.

A peaceful warrior is faithful

To be successful, it is advisable that the peaceful warrior be faithful to the Supreme Being; they believe in his power to cease violence and restore peace. They also remain faithful to their principles of non-violence peace resolutions till the end. Such confidence can be obtained through regular readings of the holy book and practice of the Prem Rawat's meditation of Knowledge.

A peaceful warrior has immunity

In brief, a peaceful warrior has immunity over their potential aggressors because they are

  • His loins girt consists of truth
  • His breastplate is righteousness
  • His shoes are the culture of peace
  • His shield consists of faith
  • His helmet is salvation from God
  • His sword consists of the words of peace

His strategic knowledge is meditation.